Naming (Baby Naming)

Naming Ceremony

If you wish to have a non-religious ceremony which welcomes your new arrival into the family then a Naming Ceremony may suit your requirements. This can take the form of a party, or a get-together, both which could be inside or out, at your home or a family house. Alternatively, it might be a more formal occasion such as a meal, perhaps in a hired room. It’s entirely up to you as to how you would like the ceremony to be organised, although with small children involved it is often better to take the less informal approach(!)


The actual “ceremony” part of the event can last about 20 minutes. You can lead the ceremony yourself with a plan drawn up with my assistance, or I can lead this part of the event on your behalf. During the ceremony you, as parents, state your love and commitment to your child and declare hopes for their future. You can talk about how you chose the name and what it means to you, and the support you received during the pregnancy and since the birth. You can choose to read poetry or a favourite piece of prose, and have music playing in the background.

Rather than godparents, whose traditional role is to help guide the child in a Christian life, “supporting adults” or “mentors” (who may be friends and/or family) can be nominated and they can make a declaration of life support/guidance.

Naming ceremonies are not legally binding and do not have any legal status, although I will supply a Certificate to record the event. You may also choose to film, and or photograph to record the event.

I can supply assistance with, media contacts, catering, and invitation printing, to suit your budget.


Says Tracey Goodridge: “My partner Michael and I wanted to celebrate the arrival of our daughter, Dora, into the world. As we’re not married it seemed hypocritical to go through a religious service in a church, so we decided to have a baby-naming day at home.”

“We held the naming day as an informal occasion, a gathering of friends and family together to celebrate Dora’s birth and our hopes for her future, and ours as a family.”

“On the day, Dora wore a family christening gown; we had a beautiful cake with white icing. It was a special and emotional day, and very memorable. We had some lovely pictures taken with grandparents and great grandparents which we hope Dora will enjoy looking at, and help her to understand the strength of the family, when she is older.”


You may choose to have the celebration for more than one child, if you feel your family is complete, then perhaps hold a naming celebration for the family to say this is us and we move forward as a family from this point.

Initial preliminary discussion whether via e-mail or phone – free of charge
Initial first face to face discussion, if required, – I will charge expenses – travel costs.
On your instructions I will draw up a plan of preparation with costs you are then able to decide what elements best suit your budget and we can take it from there. At this point a deposit for my services will be required.

Depending on the complexity and location, charges can range from £150 – £250. Ceremonies for future siblings are charged at the same price.

Every ceremony:

Will be special, crafted specifically for the people involved
Will be  focused on the occasion
Will be  focused on the people involved
Will have no rules structure
Will ensure the occasion is exactly what you and your family specifically require

3 thoughts on “Naming (Baby Naming)

  1. Eddie and Stella

    So many thanks for such an amazing naming celebration for Grace and Edward. Both families said what a great idea it was and all had a good time. As you said your first set of twins to name and they were both so good. Love from Eddie and Stella

  2. Cas, Jon and Ben

    Dear Eileen, thank you for the lovely garden celebration we had for Ben’s naming day. Your suggestions and ideas helped us have the ceremony we wanted and the delivery was perfect. Everyone said what a lovely day it was X

  3. Elle, Chris and Charlie X

    Thank you so much for yesterday the service was so lovely and we were really pleased. It was exactly what we wanted.
    Thank you again, it really was a lovely heart felt ceremony

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